AUTO token is the native token of Autofarm

Max Supply: 80,000 $AUTO

Autofarm started with no pre-farm nor pre-sale. $AUTO are minted linearly starting from 15 December 2020 and will end approximately during October 2021 (0.008 $AUTO/ block: which is approximately 230.4 $AUTO daily).

To ensure fair distribution of $AUTO, only vault users (non-turbo vaults) will be able to mine $AUTO tokens in addition to the yields from auto-compounding vaults. A remark regarding the total supply shown in BSCscan can be found here.


Deflationary Tokenomics: Vault fees (1.5 - 3.0%) on vault users' profits are used to perform market buy-backs and these $AUTO are burnt out of supply forever here.


  • Receive fees from cross-chain vaults

  • Receive fees from DEX aggregator

  • Governance

See the Roadmap below for more future utilities of $AUTO:

Percentage Breakdown:

  • ~74.5% are available for the vault token mining program

  • ~12% are dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable and rapid innovation

  • ~13.5% are reserved for future incentives of cross-chain vaults and other products in the Autofarm ecosystem

The team has locked away 1,388 $AUTO tokens (from the first 1.5 months of emissions) for 6 months here.


We understand the 80,638.189325 $AUTO tokens that are currently reflected on@bscscan. This was due to a misallocation of $AUTO rewards to a particular vault that allowed for $AUTO to be minted (this happened whilst $AUTO was still <80k).

However, further minting of $AUTO tokens would no longer be possible since the current total supply is already >80k & the minter has already been burnt from the get go.

To reduce the total supply to the promised 80k, the treasury has burned the corresponding 638.189325 $AUTO surplus tokens:


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