(xPollinate) Bridge assets from BSC > xDai

Guide to bridge assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC Network) to xDai using the xPollinate bridge

For this guide we will make use of the xPollinate bridge (https://www.xpollinate.io/) to bridge assets from BSC → xDai but all chains are applicable to this current HOW TO. At this time it is only possible to swap $ETH, $DAI, $USDT and $USDC at the xPollinate bridge, but fees are relatively low at Xdai so a swap can be done easily afterwards. But do make sure you have one of these assets ready for the bridging.

If you use $DAI in this HOW-TO, the $DAI will be $xDAI in the xDai chain so you can immediately use the assets to cover gas fees on the xDai chain!

1) Head over to xpollinate.io and connect your Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), since this is the network we are bridging from and select Binance Smart Chain on the top side of the <> and xDai network at the bottom side - after that we select the DAI asset since that is the one we are using for this HOW-TO:

2) Go to the connextscan.io xDai overview (https://connextscan.io/xdai) to check if there is enough liquidity for the asset your are about to bridge.

3) If there is enough liquidity at the destination chain for the swap, key in the amount of tokens you want to bridge to the xDai Chain and click "Swap":

4) When clicking swap you will see a loading screen and have to sign an approval for the token with your metamask. Afterwards this screen will appear:

5) After the token approval, the transaction approval is needed and can be improved in your metamask. Afterwards, the screen will change to this:

6) After approving the transaction, the screen will change to the below while your assets are transferring from the Binance Smart Chain Network to the xDai chain:

7) When the transfer is completed successfully, the following screen will appear where you can sign to claim the transfer by using the "Sign to claim Transfer" button:

8) After claiming the funds, this screen will appear:

9) You have now succesfully bridged your assets to the xDai chain.

For information on how to add the xDai chain to Metamask, see:

pageMetamask: Add xDai Chain (xDai)

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