(Harmony One Bridge) Bridge from BSC or ETH > Harmony

For this HOW-TO we will be bridging assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Harmony (ONE) chain. This method can also be used to bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to Harmony, for that choose "Ethereum" instead of "Binance" in step 1.

1) Go to https://bridge.harmony.one/ and connect your wallet by first clicking on the "Binance" button and accordingly on the "Metamask" button under the Binance section:

2) For this HOW-TO we will be bridging $BNB. Click the "BNB" and key in the amount you want to bridge over to Harmony:

3) Fill in the reciever address you want to bridge the tokens to. For this HOW-TO we will be using the "Use my address" button to bridge the assets over to the same wallet. Click "Continue" if all the entered data is correct:

4) An information pop up shows with important information. Read this thorougly and confirm when done:

5) The next screen will show the estimated network costs. As can be seen in the image below, the estimated network fee is set at $9.1~. The exact amount used for bridging was: 0.003914934 BNB ($2.20). Click "Confirm" to start the bridging:

6) During the bridging, the following screens will show:

7) When the bridging is done, the following screen will appear. You can add the bridges assets to your metamask by using the button shown. Make sure to connect to the Harmony Mainnet on your metamask before you do that.

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