Bridge assets from ETH > Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

For this guide we will use the Binance Bridge ( to transfer tokens from the Ethereum Network (ETH) to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Before you start, make sure you have token you wish to bridge and some ETH (for transaction costs) ready in your Ethereum wallet.

1) Head over to the binance bridge and make sure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum Network, since this is the "from network" we use in the bridge. Select the Ethereum Network.

2) Click the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet:

3) Connect you wallet using one of the methods below:

4) You will need to sign the connection of the wallet. Once thats done and the wallet is connected properly, the UI will look like this:

5) Now, choose the asset you want to bridge (1), key in the amount (2) if you want you can send some extra BNB along (3) to use as transaction fee on the destination chain. The destination address (4) is fixed, since this is your connected wallet address. If you've walked through these 4 points, click the "Next" button (5) to proceed the bridging.

6) You will now see a confirmation screen with the bridge transaction details, click "Confirm" to start the bridging of the assets:

7) You have succesfully bridged your assets to the Binance Smart Chain Network!

Read more about the Binance Bridge in the official Binance documentation:

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