Provide Liquidity (4BELT - BLP) + Vaults

A guide on how to obtain 4BELT - BLP TOKENS on the belt Platform and deposit these assets into autofarm vaults.

For this 4Belt LP token set, we need atleast 1 of the following 4 stable coins: $DAI, $USDC, $USDT and $BUSD.

In this HOW-TO we will use all 4 of the stable coins for the most complete image, but it is also possible to just add 1 of the 4 tokens as liquidity. Providing just 1 token will be less expensive in gas costs.

Insider tip: if you provide liquidity using the rarest (least used) asset in the LP set, you will obtain a greater LP share.

1) First make sure you've got one of these assets ready in your wallet, and if not head over to AutoSwap to get them.

2) Now head over to the Pools on and connect your wallet.

3) Open the 4Belt(belt)USDT-(belt)USDC-(belt)BUSD-(belt)DAI Belt LP staking Pool and key in the amount of tokens which you want to provide liquidity with. Afterwards, click "Add liquidity":

If it's your first time interacting with this vault and assets, you need to approve the transaction.

As stated in the introduction above, it is also possible to add just 1 (or more) of the tokens as liquidity in the step below.

4) If the assets are succesfully deposited, they will show as LP tokens here:

5) Now, move back to autofarm and open the #AutoAmplify 4Belt vault USDT-USDC-BUSD-DAI LP. The balance will show and by clicking the "MAX" button and the "Deposit" button you can deposit your assets:

If it's your first time interacting with a vault on autofarm, after clicking the "Deposit" button, you first have to confirm the approval and afterwards the deposit. This process is automatic and all that has to be done by the user is to confirm twice.

6) After depositing successfully, you should see your USDT-USDC-BUSD-DAI LP tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside details such as the USD value and the % relative to the total value locked in the vault:

If at any point in time you wish to withdraw your USDT-USDC-BUSD-DAI LP tokens from the vault, simply key in the amount and hit the "Withdraw" button.

Then, head back to and open the 4BLP LP Pool to withdraw your USDT-USDC-BUSD-DAI LP tokens

When withdrawing your LP tokens it is also possible to choose one, two or three assets. Less fees if you choose the biggest (most provided) asset of the LP.

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