Bridge $AVAX from X-chain to C-chain

If there is only option to withdraw fund to AVAX X-chain, you will need to use AVALANCHE Wallet to transfer your fund to C-chain to start your Defi journey

In order to withdraw your funds to the AVAX X-chain you will need to setup an AVALANCHE Wallet at the official Avalance Network website. Once you setup the wallet go to official website.

  1. Once you access your AVALANCHE wallet, you will see the dashboard with the selection of address in X-chain, P chain, C chain. If you have only X-chain to withdraw to in Binance, you will need to paste your X-chain address to receive fund.

2. Once you receive the fund in X-chain from Binance CEX (or other CEX), you should be able to see your balance. Then use the "Cross Chain" function to choose to transfer your fund from X-chain to C-chain. Finish the rest of the transfer process.

3. After the $AVAX is sent to the C-chain, you can choose to use "Send" function to the wallet that you use for Avalanche DeFi.

This tutorial is to show you the transfer from X-chain to C-chain. This HOW-TO is needed if you want to use your $AVAX assets on the smart contract (C-chain) chain of the Avalanche Network (AVAX).

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