Provide Liquidity (3LP - + Vaults

A guide on how to obtain - 3LP TOKENS on the Platform and deposit these assets into autofarm vaults.

For this LP token set, we need 1, 2 or all 3 of the stable coins: $DAI, $USDC, $USDT at the Polygon network. This means for example, that it is also possible to only deposit $USDT in step 6.

1) First make sure you've got (atleast on of) these assets ready in your wallet, this can be done at a Polygon swap like Sushiswap or Quickswap and buy the 3 assets.

2) Head over to the Polygon Vaults section on autofarm, and open the USDT-USDC-DAI LP vault. This can be done by (for example) using the [Filter] and selecting "Curve":

3) Now, head over to the platform by clicking the asset link in the vault details:

4) After being redirected to the platform, click the [Deposit] tab in the top of the screen:

5) When you are at the deposit page as shown below, you see the 3 assets which need to be deposited into the 3 LP vault:

6) If the option "Use maximum amount of coins available" is ticked like in this example, the amount will be automatically filled in. If this option is unticked, it is possible to manually key in the amount of tokens you want to deposit. More options are available to tick at the same time. When you have decided how much tokens you want to deposit, click the "Deposit" button.

7) If it's your first time interacting with the curve vault, you need to approve the spending of all 3 coins one by one. In between these approvals, the transaction confirmations are shown in your wallet UI. This message is shown during the approval and deposit transactions:

8) After depositing successfully, your pool share will be shown in the bottom table on the curve platform:

9) Now, head back to the DAI-USDC-USDT LP vault on autofarm and connect your wallet by using the "Wallet" button on the bottom left of the screen if your wallet isn't connected already.

10) If your wallet is connected, the liquidity we have just supplied at curve will be visible:

10) Key in the amount of tokens you want to deposit in the DAI-USDC-USDT LP vault or use the "MAX" button to select the maximum available amount of tokens and click "Approve" (if it's your first time depositing inside this specific vault) and the "Deposit" button to deposit the assets:

11) After clicking deposit, the button will switch to "Depositing..." and afterwards you should see your USDT-USDC-DAI LP tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside details such as the USD value and the % relative to the total value locked in the vault:

Remove Liquidity from

For steps on how to remove your LP tokens from autofarm vaults and liquidity from WaultSwap, see the following HOW-TO:

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