Purchase CertiKShield protection for Autofarm

Guide to buy an insurance for your $AUTO tokens by purchasing CertikShield protection for $AUTO

CertiK is a decentralized smart contract platform powering Dapps. Additionally, it supports inter-chain communication and runs on the Certik Chain.

The system is primed for highly-specialized use cases. The protocol employs a PoS variation called delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) and uses the Cosmos software development kit (SDK).

The CertiK Foundation has taken upon itself to restore the trust in distributed platforms by employing cutting-edge security technologies and techniques. A key milestone achieved by CertiK is the provision of provable trust in a decentralized platform. Apart from focusing on security, the network also addresses performance and token economics.

In this guide the steps will be explained on how to buy insurance for your $AUTO tokens using CertiK’s CertiKShield & DeepWallet. So make sure to have your CertiK DeepWallet set-up and configured and you have $CTK tokens (minimum of 50 $CTK) ready inside your DeepWallet to purchase the shield.

To transfer $CTK tokens to your CertiK DeepWallet, you need to transfer the $CTK tokens from your Binance Hot wallet using the CTK Mainnet. For now this is the only way to transfer tokens to your DeepWallet.

1) Login to your CertiK DeepWallet here (https://wallet.certik.foundation/):

If you haven't created a DeepWallet yet, this is also the place to make one by clicking "Create Wallet"

2) When logged in you will see the Portfolio page, navigate to the Shield page by clicking the “Shield” tab:

3) Scroll down to AUTO and click the “Get Protection” button:

4) Paste in your Binance Smart Chain wallet 0x in the blue field and key in the amount of $CTK tokens you want to use to buy the protection:

5) Next, you will see a confirmation screen with the protection details. Please note, the amount at “Total” is the total costs for the protection. Click the “Confirm” button to confirm the protection:

6) You have now successfully activated the CertiKShield for you $AUTO tokens:

Please, keep in mind that this Shield lasts for a maximum of 21 days as shown in the image above.

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