Bridge assets from ETH to AVAX

Guide to bridge assets from Ethereum Mainnet (ETH) to Avalanche Network (AVAX) using the official AVAX bridge
The Avalanche Bridge (AB) can be used to transfer ERC20 tokens from Ethereum to Avalanche's C-Chain and vice versa. You’ll need a MetaMask wallet in order to interact with the AVAX official bridge, check this guide in order to configure it correctly.
Important Notes
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    There is a bug in the Metamask Mobile app that affects bridge transactions (only on mobile). Until this is resolved, don't use the Metamask mobile app for bridge transfers. Use the desktop app, or, if on mobile, Coinbase Wallet.
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    You need AVAX to pay for transaction fees on Avalanche. You should use the AVAX you receive in the airdrop to do a swap for more AVAX on an AMM so that you can pay for transaction fees (need to bridge over $75 to get the AVAX airdrop). If you run out of AVAX, you will not be able to do transactions on Avalanche.
1) First, head up to the main page of the Avalanche Bridge ( and make sure your wallet is connected to the Ethereum Network, since this is the "from network" we use in the bridge. Select the Ethereum Network.
2) Click the "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet:
Select Ethereum Network on your Metamask
3) You will need to sign the connection of the wallet. Once that's done and the wallet is connected properly, the UI will look like the pic above.
4) Now, choose the asset you want to bridge and key in the amount. The destination address is fixed, since this is your connected wallet address. If you've walked through these points, click the "Transfer" button to proceed with the bridging.
Once you typed the amount click on Transfer to continue
If you bridge over $75 in token value you'll get an AVAX airdrop, enough to cover your first transactions on Avalanche Network.
5) After approving the transaction on your Metamask you'll see an screen showing the progress of your token bridging status. Wait until confirmation to close this screen.
Bridging progress over time
You can add the custom token to your Metamask clicking on the fox logo showed on the previous picture. All Avalanche tokens are named with ".e" at the end i.e. BUSD.e.
6) Once the transaction is completed you'll be faced with a confirmed status screen
Your assets have been succesfully transfered to Avalanche Network
7) Bridging is complete and now your assets are ready to use freely on AVAX. Remember to always save some AVAX to pay for transactions cost.
Learn how to configure your Metamask with Avalanche network here: