Using SushiSwap vaults on Autofarm

Providing Liquidity to use SushiSwap Autofarm's vaults on Celo Chain

In this guide, we will help you use SushiSwap vaults on Autofarm hosted by Celo Chain. In this example, we will be providing liquidity to cUSD-wETH vault.

1) First step would be obtaining the assets you need in order to make LP. You will need the same amount in dollars of cUSD and wETH. For example $100 worth of cUSD and $100 worth of wETH. You can obtain these assets using SushiSwap or UbeSwap services.

4) On add liquidity select the desired amount to LP. You'll need to go through two transactions, one for approval of use of funds and another for creating the LP.

You'll need CELO in order to pay for transactions, so make sure you always save some aside to be able to deposit-withdraw.

5) After the LP is created you should be able to see your amount in the deposit bar (browser refresh might be needed). Then select the amount to deposit and go through two transactions again, approval and deposit.

6) Once the transaction is approved your deposit is complete and your funds are already being auto-compounded, you should see the LP amount grow over time.

If you wish to withdraw from this vault, you should go to "withdraw" bar, select the desired amount and pay for the transaction. After transaction is approved, you should see your funds in the deposit section, and use the Remove Liquidity button to remove the LP from your wallet. You'll end up the operation with cUSD and wETH.

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