Bridge assets from ETH > Polygon Chain (MATIC)

In this guide we will show you a way to bridge tokens from the Ethereum network (ETH) to the Polygon Chain using the official Matic Bridge, or PoS Bridge (Proof-of-Stake bridge). Before you start, make sure you have token you wish to bridge and some ETH (for transaction costs) ready in your Ethereum wallet.

Login onto the Matic Web Wallet

1) Head over to the Matic Web Wallet:

2) Connect to your Ethereum wallet using one of the methods above, In this HOW-TO we will go with Metamask.

3) Sign the transaction by clicking the "Sign"button: (it costs nothing)

4) Once you have connected, you will see the bridging UI of the MATIC PoS bridge:

5) Use the dropdown to choose the token you want to bridge:

6) Key in the amount of tokens you want to bridge to the Polygon Chain (MATIC) and click the "Transfer" button:

7) You will see a pop up with some information about the bridging transfer, click the "Transfer" button to continue:

You’ll be shown a transfer overview that shows the transaction information and for example the total gas required to bridge the tokens over. If the information is correct, click the "Continue" to proceed and follow any further instructions on screen.

Once your tokens are transferred, it will take 8–10 minutes for them to arrive on your wallet address on the Polygon Chain.

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