Provide Liquidity for Autofarm (VVS) vaults - QuickGuide

1) Head over to the vault of your choice and make sure you have the assets ready in your wallet, for this HOW-TO we will go for WCRO-WETH LP:
2) In the next "Create LP" widget which pops up, key in the amount you want to provide as LP:
3) Close the widget when you see the amounts shift. After closing the widget the amount is shown in the deposit box:
4) Now key in the amount you want to deposit and click the Deposit button:
5) After depositing successfully, you should see your WCRO-ETH LP tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside details such as the USD value and the % relative to the total value locked in the vault:
To remove liquidity from Autofarm VVS vaults, please see the following page: