AutoAmplify is Autofarm's programme for onboarding new projects that wish to list on autofarm. Any project from a chain which is supported by Autofarm or any EVM-compatible network willing to get onboard the Autofarm ecosystem can now apply for the partnership programme!

For our users this means:

  1. Amplified vaults which give EXTRA vault rewards on the side in the form of a native reward token of the newly onboarded project;

  2. Participate in trading competitions on AutoSwap to get reward tokens airdropped in the form of a native reward token of the newly onboarded project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join in on these cool extra rewards?

Pick a chain of your choice on the top of the page > open "Filters" > click "AutoAmplified" filter > recognize the amplified vaults on the blue extra APY% as shown below:

How do I recieve the extra Amplify rewards?

If you enter an AutoAmplified vault, you will immediately start earning the Amplify rewards right away and these will be visible in the top of the vault details as shown below:

It is possible to harvest these rewards at any time, once they show up they will never dissapear. This can be done by using the Harvest button shown above, or on the autofarm homepage. However, the rewards will also be automatically harvested at each withdraw & deposit action inside the vault.

How do I participate in the Trading Competitions?

That's very easy! Just head over to AutoSwap and make a swap! The more swaps you make + the higher the amount, will score you points for the trading competition. Always make sure you carefully check out the launch announcement for further guidelines about any specific AutoAmplify trading competitions.

Do I need to KYC for the vault rewards or trading competition?

No, this is DeFi 😄

How often do these AutoAmplify occur?

AutoAmplify launches are random, so you can never know when the next one will come. Autofarm aims to amplify vault multiple times a month spread over different chains.

These launches can be in form of Amplified APYs on existing autofarm vaults, or through airdrops for AutoSwap users!

Are all projects under AutoAmplify safe?

Autofarm will perform a series of due diligence checks / technical assessments to try and get a sense of a project's safety. Please refer to the onboarding documents for the most up to date requirements. Keep in mind that projects onboarding under the AutoAmplify Program may have their own underlying strategies (e.g. algo-stable protocols) or technical / smart contract risks. Any project listed as an AutoAmplify partner do not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favor by Autofarm in any way.

Please keep doing your own research and make an educated decision as to whether the underlying project is one you want to invest in. Understand also that Autofarm will not take any responsibility for things such as a project's success, price action, etc.


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