Bridge assets from Binance CEX to Harmony (ONE)

In this HOW-TO we will bridge ONE tokens from Binance Centralised Exchange to the Harmony (ONE) network, using the withdraw fuction on Binance CEX. Make sure you have your $ONE tokens ready in your Binance Spot wallet. If you don't have these yet, buy some here.

1) After logging in on Binance, click the "Wallet" button on the top right and select the "Fiat and Spot" wallet:

2) Search for $ONE in the tokenlist and select "Withdraw" in the Action column:

3) In this screen, enter your ONE address which starts with one1.... If the "one1.." wallet you entered in the Address block is a valid wallet address, the network dropdown selection will automatically jump to "ONE - Harmony" as shown in the image below:

Harmony ONE wallets start with "one1..", the equivalent of "0x..". To find out what your "one1.." wallet address is, go to the Harmony Block Explorer and input your "0x.." address in the search bar. Your "one1.." wallet address will be shown accordingly.

4) Key in the amount of tokens you want to withdraw and click the "Withdraw" button:

5) Walk through all the verification steps and if you are succesful, you can see the withdrawal in the "Recent Withdrawals" section on the bottom of the page:

In times of congested chains, the withdrawal can take up a long time as shown in a warning after verification. While doing this HOW-TO, we got a warning that the withdrawal could take up to 12 hours, but actually took 5 minutes.

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