(Solarbeam) Bridge from BSC > MOVR

Using AAM Solarbeam bridge to move assets from BSC to MOVR

In this guide, we will use the official Solarbeam AMM bridge to move assets from Binance Smart Chain to Moonriver. Solarbeam AMM bridge is powered by AnySwap, and lets us move assets from multiple chains, not only BSC, so this example works as well with chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, etc.

In this particular example, we'll move BUSD and use the faucet service provided by SolarBeam in order to get some MOVR in order to operate on the chain. Make sure you configured your Metamask wallet in order to support Moonriver chain.

In Moonriver the coin used to pay for transactions is MOVR, make sure you always have some on your wallet to interact with the different protocols.

1) Go to SolarBeam AMM and click on the bridge section.

2) Select BSC as the chain of origin (from) and Moonriver as the receiver (to).

3) Select BUSD and type in the amount you desire to transfer.

4) Confirm the transaction on SolarBeam and a wallet notification will pop up asking to you to approve the bridging operation. You'll need to be connected to BSC and have BNB in order to pay for this transaction fee.

5) After you approved the transaction wait until you see a complete status on the history section. After that, you'll be able to freely use your bridged BUSD. You'll also get some free MOVR after using the bridge.

6) If you used the SolarBeam bridge you are entitled to some free MOVR for you to enjoy using the chain. You can claim it in the faucet section.

You are now ready to start experimenting with the Moonriver para-chain and enjoy our vault service at Autofarm.

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