Withdrawing + Unlending (ibTokens)

If at any point in time you wish to withdraw your ibTokens from Autofarm’s vault and afterward retrieve the assets (return your $ibBUSD to $BUSD) by unleding them on Alpaca Finance, this HOW-TO will help you in the process. In this HOW-TO we will use the $ibBUSD ibTokens tokens on Binance Smart Chain as an example:

1) On Autofarm, open the vault in which you have deposited the ibTokens and key in the number of tokens (or use the MAX button), and then click on the "Withdraw" button:

2) The assets are now withdrawn from the autofarm vault and show up as wallet balance:

3) Then, head back to the Alpaca Finance Lend page to unlend the assets you've withdrawn from Autofarm by clicking the "Withdraw" button:

3) Now, key in the amount of tokens you want to unlend and complete the retrieval process by clicking the "Confirm" button one last time:

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