From multiple chains to OKEx Chain

CherrySwap cross-chain brige swap

If you wish to move funds to Okex Chain you can use the cross-chain bridge powered by CherrySwap and i-swap. CherrySwap is the biggest DEX in Okex Chain at the moment, providing enough liquidity to move funds around from multiple chains.

In this tutorial we'll go from Binance Smart Chain to Okex Chain via the bridge provided by CherrySwap. Make sure you already configured your Metamask wallet with the corresponding RPC to use Okex Network

There is a minimum of $30 to be able to use CherrySwap bridge.

1) Look for CherrySwap and select the bridge option

2) Select the origin chain and asset to be traded on top, and destination chain and asset to receive in the bottom section.

3) In this case we will go from Binance Smart Chain using BNB to Okex Chain, obtaining OKT at the end.

OKT is the coin used to pay for transactions Okex Chain, so make sure you always have some in your wallet to be able to move funds around.

4) After the transaction is sent, wait until confirms in both chains in order to be able to use your assets in Okex Chain.

You can always check the transaction status on corresponding explorers.

BSC explorer:

OKT explorer:

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