Bridge assets from Binance CEX to AVAX (C-chain)

Withdraw $AVAX from Binance CEX to AVALANCHE C-chain for Defi

In this guide we will show you a way to bridge tokens from the Binance Centralized Exchange to the Avalanche Network chain (AVAX) using Binance withdraw system.

Before you start, make sure you have $AVAX token to bridge over to your AVAX wallet, if you don't have any $AVAX tokens yet, make sure you buy some in the trade section. Also make sure you configured your Metamask in order to be able to interact with Avalanche Network after sending the assets.

1) Login to your Binance account and go to the wallet section

2) Choose the spot section of the wallet:

3) Select the AVAX token and click on "Withdrawal":

In this token section, you can see the available trading pairs with AVAX if you need to buy some.

4) Insert the destination address, select the AVAX network and, type in the amount you want to withdraw.

5) Click on withdrawal and choose AVAX C-chain, then complete the security measures in order to withdraw.

6) Wait for confirmation and check that you received the tokens in your Metamask wallet.

There are two types of network to withdraw to during this process.

  • X-chain or "AVAX" chain is to withdraw to Exchange chain;

  • C-chain is the smart contract chain used for DeFi.

Use C chain if available, otherwise and additional step to transfer it from X-chain to C-chain is needed.

Visit the official Avalanche Network (AVAX) documentation to learn more about the different internal Avalanche chains.

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