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Guide to bridge assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC Network) to Klaytn using the Orbitchain.io bridge

First, head up to the main page of the orbitchain bridge (https://bridge.orbitchain.io/). You will see a pop up message about the fees, read them clearly before proceeding. For bridging $AUTO from Binance Smart Chain to the Klaytn Chain no extra fees are included. The bridging of assets on orbitchain is divided in 3 parts:

Part 1: Select a Coin to convert

1) Click the "Select Coin" button in the top right:

2) Scroll down in the token list until you see: AUTO - Binance Smart Chain, select the token and click "OK":

3) You will see the available validators for the bridging transaction, for now for now there is only one group (BSC), click "OK" to proceed:

Part 2: Select Chains and Connect a Wallet

4) In the FROM CHAIN section, click the "SELECT CHAIN" dropdown and select BSC:

5) Now it's time to connect your wallet with the orbitchain bridge. For now the only option is Metamask, select it and click "OK":

6) You have to confirm the connection in your Metamask and this screen will pop up if the connection is succesfully made:

Part 3: Input Amount and Recipient Address

7) Now, key in the amount of $AUTO you want to transfer, and if it's your first time bridging $AUTO with orbitchain bridge, you have to approve the spending of $AUTO by clicking the "Approve" button:

8) Now, select KLAYTN in the "SELECT CHAIN" dropdown in the TO CHAIN section:

9) After selecting the chain it's time to fill in the recipient address:

Please check the recipient address carefully! Coins accidentally sent to another or a wrong address will be lost forever!

10) After you've double checked the recipient address, click the "CONVERT NOW" button to start the bridging transaction:

11) You will see a confirmation screen with the bridging details. Click the "Confirm" button to confirm the bridging transaction:

12) After confirming, a new pop up appears with the transaction hash of the briding transaction. This step can take a while in case of network congestion on either side of the bridge:

Even though the image shows "Transfer Complete!", please look at the "Waiting for the transaction to complete"

13) When the bridging transaction is done, the following message with green text will be shown:

Total costs for Bridging 0.02 $AUTO (~30$ at time of writing) from Binance Smart Chain to 0.02 $kAUTO on Klaytn chain:

  • Bridging fees: 0%

  • Bridging taxes: 0%

  • BSC Transaction fees: 0.00035884 BNB ($0.13)

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