Bridge assets from Binance CEX to Celo Chain

How to buy and send Celo from Binance to Celo Chain

One way to reach Celo Chain is using Binance CEX, which allows direct withdrawals of $CELO . Before you start, make sure you have $CELO token to bridge over to your Metamask wallet, if you don't have any $CELO tokens yet, make sure you buy some in the trade section.

In order to reach the Celo Chain is important to have your Metamask configured correctly with the network specs to be able to interact with your assets once you withdraw.

1) Login to your Binance account and go to the wallet section

2) Choose the spot section of the wallet:

3) Select the CELO token and click on "Withdrawal":

If you need to buy some CELO you can select one of the trading pairs available from there

4) Request withdrawal, copy your address, select Celo Chain and complete the security verification.

5) Wait for to transaction to complete. After that you'll be able to enjoy your assets on Celo chain.

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