(VelasPad) Bridge assets from BSC > Velas

To bridge assets from BSC to the Velas chain, you can use the VelasPad bridge on https://bridge.velaspad.io/#.

Current supported assets by the VelasPad Bridge:




  • SCAR

For this tutorial we will be bridging VLXPAD from BSC to Velas chain. Before commencing the bridging, make sure you have the assets you want to bridge ready in your BSC wallet.

1) Go to the VELASPAD bridge on https://bridge.velaspad.io/# and connect your wallet. Select BSC as the "from" chain and Velas as the chain you want to bridge your assets to. Key in the amount of tokens you want to bridge and click the "Swap" button:

2) Next up, a confirmation pop up will show with the transaction details, click "Confirm" if thels are as expected:

3) The bridging transaction needs to be approved next, click the "Approve" button to do that:

4) After approving, the bridging transaction can be submitted by clicking the "Submit" button:

5) The bridging will now start. During the bridging the screen below will be shown:

6) After bridging succesfully (which can take several minutes), the screen below will be shown and your assets are succesfully bridged to the Velas chain and ready for you to use!

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