👉How to get started

As described in the home section, Autofarm provides a variety of services involving cryptocurrency:

A quick way to get started is by reading our Vault and How To's section, to set up your wallet with the desired network to start earning with your assets.

We have set up our vault system to be resilient over time and easy to use, integrating AutoSwap features that allow users to remove/add liquidity directly on site to deposit into Autofarm vaults. You can also use the "zap" feature to buy LP tokens directly whit your holdings when possible.

Learn how to trade using AutoSwap swap feature, enjoying one of the best rates in the market by aggregating multiple liquidity sources at the same time.

If you are a project looking to be featured in our protocol please read the AutoAmplify section, there we will provide you with all the requisites and necessary information to get in touch with our team.

You can learn more about Autofarm operations by reading the protocol section, and learn about the tokenomics of AUTO and risks associated with the use of the platform.

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