(Swapz) Bridge assets from BSC, Polygon and ETH > Velas

To bridge assets from BSC, Polygon & ETH to the Velas chain, you can use the Swapz bridge on https://cross.swapz.app/.

Current supported assets by the VelasPad Bridge:

  • BUSD

  • WAG

  • VLX


  • SCAR

  • eYe


For this HOW-TO we will be bridging VLX - Velas' chain native token from BSC to Velas. Make sure you have your assets ready in your wallet before commencing the swap.

1) Go to the Swapz bridge on https://cross.swapz.app/ and connect you wallet.

2) Select the "from" chain you would like to bridge from, select the Velas chain on the right and key in the amount of tokens you would like to bridge over and click on the "Swap" button:

3) An confirmation will be shown with the details of the bridging swap including the bridging fees which will be used, in this case 0.02BNB:

If it's your first time swapping on Swapz, you need to approve the transaction by clicking the red button, accordingly the button will turn blue and show "Swap" as shown above.

3) After clicking the "Swap" button and during the swap, an progress bar will be shown like below:

4) The bridge consists of 3 steps, after the second step is done, the progress of the third step (xx) will be shown:

5) After going through the 3 bridging levels, a screen like the one below will show, your assets are succesfully bridged to the Velas Chain!

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