Provide Liquidity on Solarbeam + deposit in Autofarm vaults

In this HOW-TO the steps will be described on how to buy $MOVR on Solarbeam, add liquidity to Solarbeam pools, and lastly deposit the LP tokens to the WMOVR-USDC LP Vault on Autofarm. If you didn't configure your Metamask in order to interact with Moonriver Network we have set up a guide here:

pageMetamask: Add Moonriver (MOVR) Network

Remember that you'll need to have always some $MOVR in your wallet in order to be able to pay for transactions. Don't trade all your $MOVR when you are performing these operations

1) Go to the Swap tab and trade your tokens in order to get some $MOVR and $USDC:

2) Select the Pool tab and click the "Add" button:

3) Select the tokens on which you want to provide liquidity. For this HOW-TO, we will use $MOVR and $USDC:

When you interact with a contract for the first time you'll need to approve the use of it first. You'll have to perform two transactions in order to successfully provide liquidity.

4) After approving USDC, you will see an transaction overview. Check the details and when it's all right, click the Confirm Supply button:

5) After you provided liquidity on Solarbeam, head back to Autofarm, select the Moonriver chain and look in the list for the WMOVR-USDC LP vault and click on it in order to see the details and be able to deposit:

6) Once inside the correct vault you'll be able to see a big deposit button and the recently created LP amount ready to deposit. Key in the amount you want to deposit and click on Approve if it's your first time interacting with this vault:

7) After approving, you can deposit the assets into the vault by using the Deposit button:

8) After depositing successfully, you should see your WMOVR-USDC LP tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside details such as the USD value and the % relative to the total value locked in the vault.

9) If at any point in time you wish to withdraw your WMOVR-USDC LP tokens from the vault, simply key in the amount of LP and the "Withdraw" button:

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