Using Scream vaults on autofarm

To make use of the Scream farms on autofarm. You simply need the asset shown in the vault. There is no need to convert those assets!

1) Head over to autofarm (Fantom section) and connect your wallet. Select the farm "Scream" on the farm selector dropdown;

2) Open the vault you want to deposit in and key in the amount of tokens you want to deposit in the vault, to select all available tokens, click "MAX".

If it's your first time interacting with a certain Autofarm Vault, after clicking "Deposit", you first have to approve the spending of the asset and afterwards, you can approve the transaction.

3) After depositing successfully, you should see your deposited tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside details such as the USD value and the % relative to the total value locked in the vault, as seen below

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