(Optics) Bridge assets from Polygon > Celo

This tutorial will help you moving assets from Polygon to Celo

If you wish to move funds to Celo Chain you can use the cross-chain bridge powered by Optics. Optics is the official bridge recommended in Celo Chain documentation and allows you to freely move assets from Celo, Polygon, and Ethereum.

In this tutorial we'll go from Polygon to Celo Chain via the bridge provided by Optics. Make sure you already configured your Metamask wallet with the corresponding RPC to use Celo Chain.

In order to pay for transactions in Celo Chain you will need CELO, always save some to pay for network usage.

1) Go to https://optics.app/, connect your Metamask and select Polygon as origin chain and Celo as the receiver.

2) Select the desired asset to bridge and click on the "Bridge" button. In this particular case we will be bridging USDC (PoS) from Polygon to Celo Chain.

3) Optics Bridge is still in Beta, so you'll need to accept the disclaimer before continuing.

4) After accepting the disclaimer you'll have to confirm two transactions in Metamask, one for approval of funds use, and the other for effectively bridging assets. You'll need MATIC in order to pay for this transaction.

5) After the transaction is confirmed you'll need to wait for the bridge to relay the transaction across his nodes. This process can take between 3-5 hours.

6) After the transaction is processed your funds will be available for use in Celo Chain. You can use Mobius swap to change your pUSDC for cUSD or another desired asset.

If you dont have any CELO to pay for transactions you can send CELO using Binance or Kucoin CEX.

Alternatively, there is a 3rd party faucet that will give you a little CELO


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