Provide Liquidity for OolongSwap

How to provide liquidity:

  1. Click on "pool" tab

3. Click "add liquidity"

4. Enter the desired amount that you'd like to provide liquidity to and allow OolongSwap to use your tokens to provide liquidity

5. Then hit "supply" and "confirm supply"

5. After hitting "confirm" again in your wallet's pop up window, your transactions will be approved

6. And that's it you are done! You have now successfully provided liquidity and have OLP in your wallet as proof.

7. Now to deposit in Autofarm vaults system go to and look for the ETH-USDC vault.

8. You should be able to see the LP you just made on the "Balance" section. Enter the amount of LP you wish to deposit and click on "Approve" and after confirmation click again in "Deposit".

If it's the first time you are interacting with this vault you'll need to perform 2 transactions for depositing, one for approval and the other to deposit.

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