(xDai Omni bridge) Bridge assets from BSC and ETH > xDai

Guide to bridge assets from Binance Smart Chain (BSC Network) to xDai using the xDai Omni Bridge

For this guide we will make use of the official xDai Omni Bridge() to bridge assets from BSC → xDai but this HOW-TO is also applicable to bridge assets from ETH -> xDai. For this HOW-TO we will bridge $DAI to the xDai chain.

Making use of the xDai Omni Bridge DOES NOT turn your $DAI into $xDai (needed for transaction fees), unlike xPollinate. After making use of this bridge, you do recieve an $xDai Faucet however. After bridging, you can swap the recieved $bDAI (Binance DAI) on Honeyswap.

1) Go to the xDai Omni Bridge and connect your wallet. Click on the BSC <-> XDAI setting in the top right and select the asset you want to bridge:

2) Key in the amount you want to bridge and click the "Unlock" button to approve the spending of the asset:

3) After unlocking the transaction, click the "Transfer" button:

4) In the next pop up you can see the bridging details. Click "Continue" if all details are right and to start the bridging proces:

5) During the bridging, you will see this pop up:

6) If the pop-up above dissapears, all confirmations should be done. You can now see the balance of your asset in the xDai chain:

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