Access deprecated autofarm vaults

In this section the steps on how to get your funds from an deprecated autofarm vault are explained. The deprecated autofarm vaults will always be available on the Legacy version of autofarm.

Current depreacated vault farms available on

1) Go to and connect your wallet by using the button on the top of the page:

2) Switch the [Balance] column to [Deposited] by using the " - " sign:

3) Look up your particular vault(s) in the list and key in the amount you want to withdraw. Use the " - " button next to the amount to withdraw:

4) After clicking the withdraw button, you need to confirm the transaction:

Please note, above image is a transaction confirmation of Metamask. Confirmation screens can differ per app / wallet.

5) After confirming the transaction, the withdrawal will take place and will be done after this notifcation:

You can check all transactions made on the Binance Smart Chain network on:

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