Menyediakan Liquidity (PCS) + Vaults dengan SafePal aplikasi

Guide to add WBNB-SFP on PancakeSwap & LP tokens inside Autofarm Vaults

1) First up, click on the 3rd tab within the SafePal mobile application and then the PancakeSwap DApp (Decentralised Application) and you'll be brought to PancakeSwap Decentralised Exchange (DEX) where you can purchase $SFP tokens.

Use BNB to swap for $SFP tokens because that will result in the lowest slippage.

2) Click on the list of tokens and type in "sfp" to search for the $SFP token.

3) Click on "Unlock Wallet" & you'll be directed to connect your crypto wallet. If it's your first time interacting with PancakeSwap, you will need to approve spending of BNB, afterwards, you can swap accordingly.

Click on the gear icon (top right hand corner) and change slippage to 0.5% to get better swap rates & avoid being front-runned by bots.

4) Before confirming the swap, a confirmation page will pop up with a summary of the swap details. Click on "Confirm Swap" and approve the transaction in-app.

5) After swapping, click on the Liquidity tab and then the "Add Liquidity" button.

6) Key in the amount of tokens you would like to supply as liquidity (you can simply click on the "max" button) and click on the "Supply" button.

7) Similar to the swap confirmation, you'll receive a breakdown of the LP tokens that you are supplying along with its relevant information. Click on "Confirm Supply" once you're ready.

8) Head back out to the list of DApps on the SafePal Wallet and click on the Autofarm DApp.

9) Connect your wallet to Autofarm (top right hand corner) and scroll through the list of vaults to find the WBNB-SFP Vault. You should see your corresponding amount of Cake-LP tokens in the balance section. Click on the vault (down arrow) to interact with the vault.

Select the number of LP tokens you would like to deposit & click on the "Deposit" button. (If it's your first time interacting with that particular vault, you will need to approve the spending of your LP tokens)

10) After depositing successfully, you should see your WBNB-SFP LP tokens reflected under the Deposit section alongside with details such as the USD value and the % with respect to the total value locked in the vault.

11) If at any point in time you wish to withdraw your WBNB-SFP LP tokens from the vault, simply key in the amount of LP and the "Withdraw" button

In addition to the dynamically optimised auto-compounding strategy employed in Autofarm vaults, liquidity providers also earn 0.17% of liquidity fees each time someone swaps the tokens that interacts with your LP pair. Click here to find out more.

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