Fulcrum (bZx)
The Fulcrum portal (https://fulcrum.trade/) is a front-end web interface for interacting with the bZx smart contracts. Fulcrum is built on the bZx base protocol and extends the protocol by allowing both loans and margin positions to be tokenized.
  • Tokenized loans, called iTokens, are for letting the user lend their assets and earn interest.
  • Tokenized positions, called pTokens, are for gaining long or short market exposure to an asset, and for letting the user trade with borrowed funds and with leverage.
Both iTokens and pTokens are ERC20-compliant and provide access to the read-only functions symbol, name, decimals, totalSupply, balanceOf, and allowance, as well as the state-changing functions transfer, transferFrom, approve, increaseApproval, and decreaseApproval. Collectively, we'll refer to both iTokens and pTokens as "Fulcrum tokens".
This section contains the following Polygon HOW-TO's for the Fulcrum (bZx) platform:
Please also consider reading the Fulcrum and bZx documentation for any further detailed information:
Fulcrum & Torque Help Center
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